NBX Lanserer dusørprogram

Sikkerhet er viktig, spesielt for selskaper som driver med krypto hvor det til tider kan være store verdier. I sikkerhetsmåneden oktober valgte derfor NBX å lansere et dusørprogram hvor man kan få betalt for å varsle / melde inn feil i systemet deres. Dette er en svært vanlig ordning blant Silicon Valley selskaper og det er bra at ordningen får bredere og større fotfeste her på berget.

Dusørene går fra 0 – 2000dollar utbetalt i Bitcoin etter alvorlighets graden.


As a contributor to making our platform and customer experience more safe and secure we will give you a reward in Bitcoin, and possibly a seat at our Wall of Fame. Our severity definitions can be seen below.Critical – $2000 – $5000 in BTC

Critical severity issues present a direct and immediate risk for our customers, NBX’s infrastructure, operations and reputation. The ability to steal funds, bypass authentication or gather massive amounts of sensitive customer data, without user interaction, is defined as critical.High – $500 – $2000 in BTC

High severity issues is like critical, but the difference could be the need of additional requirements or conditions, such as e.g. the need to manipulate users.Medium – $0 – $0

Medium severity issues could be more theoretical and might result in a successful exploit at a future stage. Vulnerabilities regarding extracting lesser sensitive information about NBX or customers also goes into this severity level.Low – $0 – $0

Low severity issues could be the ability to collect limited amounts of data, or may violate an expectation for how something is intended to work, but yields little to no direct advantage for an attacker.

Mer info her : https://nbx.com/security/disclosure-policy

Her er de tommel opp fra Kryptoguiden for godt iniativ for å bedre muligheten til å oppdage feil eller sårbarheter.

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